Ian Rankin – Backlist Titles


Ian Rankin is the internationally bestselling author of the INSPECTOR REBUS and DETECTIVE MALCOLM FOX, as well as a string of standalone thrillers. His books have been translated into 36 languages and are bestsellers on several continents. Ian is the recipient of four CWA Dagger Awards (including the Cartier Diamond Dagger) and in 2004 won America’s celebrated Edgar Award. He is also the recipient of honorary degrees from the universities of Albertay, St Andrews, Hull and Edinburgh, and received the OBE for services to literature, opting to receive the award in his home city of Edinburgh, where he lives with his partner and two sons.

Backlist Titles

The Flood - Ian RankinIan Rankin – The Flood
Publication date: February 1986
Published by Orion Publishing Group

Mary Miller had always been an outcast. Burnt in a chemical mix as a young girl, sympathy for her quickly faded when the young man who pushed her in died in a mining accident just two days later. From then on she was regarded with a mixture of suspicion and fascination by her God-fearing community. Now, years later, she is a single mother, caught up in a faltering affair with a local teacher. Her son, Sandy, has fallen in love with a strange homeless girl. The search for happiness isn’t easy. Both mother and son must face a dark secret from their past, in the growing knowledge that their small dramas are being played out against a much larger canvas, glimpsed only in symbols and flickering images – of decay and regrowth, of fire and water – of the flood.


Ian Rankin - WatchmanIan Rankin – Watchman
Publication date : June 1988
Published by Orion Publishing Group

Bombs are exploding in the streets of London, but life seems to have planted more subtle booby-traps for Miles Flint. Miles is a spy. His job is to watch and to listen, then to report back to his superiors, nothing more. The job, affording glimpses into the most private lives of his victims, appeals to Miles. He doesn’t lust after promotion, and he doesn’t want action. He wants, just for once, not to botch a case. Having lost one suspect – with horrific consequences – Miles becomes too involved with another, a young Irish woman. His marriage seems ready to crumble to dust. So does his home. But Miles is given one last chance for redemption – a trip to Belfast, which quickly becomes a flight of terror, murder and shocking discoveries. But can the voyeur survive in a world of violent action?


Ian Rankin - Witch HuntIan Rankin – Witch Hunt
Publication Date: 1993
Published by Orion Publishing Group

Interpol have tried and failed to find the terrorist, Witch. Now the combined forces of Scotland Yard and MI5 must try the impossible to prevent a major international incident.

Dominic Elder carries her autograph wherever he goes. Witch is his passion, his obsession. And being retired is no bar to his willingness to restart the hunt. MI5 know that the man who wrote the Witch file is the key to catching their quarry. But the truth isn’t easy to spot. And it is only when an MI5 novice and his French counterpart piece together the smallest of clues, that Witch suddenly looks vulnerable…


Ian Rankin - Bleeding HeartsIan Rankin – Bleeding Hearts
Publication Date: 1994
Published by Orion Publishing Group

The death of a TV reporter from a single bullet wound to the heart – a dramatic news story, an unsolved crime… but the twist in the tale is that this time it’s the man who fired the bullet whose asking all the questions.

Michael Weston wants to know how come the police were on his tail so quickly. What was it about this journalist that got someone so rattled enough to want her permanently out of the picture? Might she just have been a stooge, the job a set-up arranged to see him safely behind bars? His first task is to find the writer of his pay cheque, the second is to make sure he doesn’t get caught. Because one thing’s for certain – the longer he sticks around to find out, the bigger the risk of making mistakes, revealing his cover and maybe even losing his life.


Ian Rankin - Blood HuntIan Rankin – Blood Hunt

Publication Date: September 1995
Published by Orion Publishing Group

It begins with a phone call. Gordon Reeve’s brother has been found dead in his car in San Diego – the car was locked from the inside, a gun in his hand. In the US to identify the body Gordon comes to realise that his brother has in fact been murdered. What’s more, it is soon obvious that his own life is in danger.

Once back in Scotland he finds out that there have been more visitors than usual to his house and his home has been bugged by professionals. But Reeve is a professional too. Ex-SAS, he was half of a two-man unit with someone he came to fear, then to hate. It looks like his Nemesis is back. The horror has just begun…