Jonathan Schey



Jonathan Schey is a British writer / director based in London. He is a graduate of the Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers and Studio Group. His short films, including I WANT TO BE HAPPY CHA CHA CHA and TOBY have screened at major film festivals around the world including the prestigious Brest European Film Court and Berlin British Shorts. Jack Thorne picked CHA CHA CHA as Film Of The Month of Shooting People and it’s listed on IMDB’s “Top 100 Shorts”.

He has just finished his latest short, THE ENTERTAINER, which is produced by Alcove Entertainment (Richard Ayoade’s The Double) and stars Toby Jones.

Most recently he directed THE COACHES, produced by Warp Films for Sky Comedy. Written by Liam Williams and starring Jamie Demetriou, Tash Demetriou and Izzy Laughland.