Peter Stanley-Ward


On finishing his higher education, Peter began to teach himself how to operate a digital camera and how to use various editing software. After several experimental shorts he made RAT A TAT TAT, a fifteen-minute short that went on to feature in many festivals at home and internationally, including Wellington New Zealand Fringe Film Festival. It was also selected for the top three drama based shorts in a BBC talent competition.

RAT A TAT TAT’s positive reception gave Peter the confidence to make his first feature length picture SMALL TOWN FOLK; a film funded and made entirely by Peter with the help of his closest friends as cast and crew. After four years the film was completed and in 2007 it was picked up by a LA based sales agent and sold to 30 territories worldwide, including North America through Lionsgate. It was also selected for films festivals around the world. This enabled Peter to break into the professional world of film and at present he has several feature films in development.

In 2010 Peter founded Treehouse Digital to make motion graphics, corporate videos and visual effects for low budget films. Treehouse’s clients include leading brands and a music video featuring Jocelyn Brown.

Peter is one of a handful of U.K. directors versed in performance capture technology.