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Shelagh Delaney’s A TASTE OF HONEY is embarking on a UK tour from the 13th September.

When her mother Helen runs off with a car salesman, feisty teenager Jo takes up with Jimmy, a sailor who promises to marry her, before he heads for the seas. Art student Geoff moves in and assumes the role of surrogate parent until, misguidedly, he sends for Helen and their unconventional setup unravels.

Written by Shelagh Delaney when she was nineteen, A TASTE OF HONEY is one of the great taboo-breaking plays of the 1950s, offering an explosive celebration of the vulnerabilities and strengths of the female spirit in a deprived and restless world.

Directed by Bijan Sheibani, A TASTE OF HONEY is a National Theatre production.

For more information and details on where to buy tickets, please click here.