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Patrick Barlow’s Dr Desmond Olivier Dingle is back with a reading from SHAKESPEARE: THE TRUTH

Dr Desmond Olivier Dingle will be doing a deeply probing, semi-performed and extremely graphic READING from his virtually best-selling, controversial yet highly academic ouevre SHAKESPEARE: THE TRUTH on Friday 18th November 2016.

This will be delivered at approx 9.30 the delightful Sam Wanamaker Theatre at the Globe after the 7.30 performance of the critically acclaimed and popular masque Comus.

Dr Dingle’s exclusive, profoundly controversial yet totally authentic reading will last precisely one hour or possibly less and will include such hot Shakespearean topics as:

* The Complete Life of Shakespeare (unexpurgated).

* Was Shakespeare written by Shakespeare?

* Why Does Shakespeare often make NO SENSE?

* The Private Lives of the Queen and Shakespeare (parental control advised)

* How to make Shakespeare Authentic. Some fascinating examples of Shakespeare done as HE WOULD HAVE DONE HIM.

Astonishingly this will be FIRST TIME this legendary, highly explicit yet tasteful event will have been actually publicly viewed in this century.

Dr Desmond Olivier Dingle is Artistic Director and Chief Executive of the National Theatre of Brent, whose epic stage works, such as The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Messiah, Lawrence of Arabia, The French Revolution, The Black Hole of Calcutta, Wagner’s Ring Cycle (in 65 minutes), The Bronte Sisters – the Full Story, The Complete Life of the Dalai Lama, The Dawn of Man, and Zulu! are unashamedly RENOWNED throughout the world.

Kindly inform all your important theatrical colleagues of this significant and unmissable cultural event.