First established as a literary agency in 1896, Sayle Screen has evolved into one of London’s leading and longest standing independent agencies, now representing writers, directors and producers for film, television and theatre. We work alongside Sara Putt Associates the leading UK agency for below-the-line talent.

We have close relationships with the major film and television agents and managers in the U.S.

We also represent dramatic rights in books in conjunction with some of the UK’s foremost book agencies including Greene & Heaton, RCW, and The Sayle Literary Agency.

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Yorgos Lanthimos’ THE LOBSTER nominated for an Oscar

Congratulations to Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou for THE LOBSTER’s Oscar nomination for Original Screenplay...
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Siân Evans

Seth Resnik

Paul Morrison

Alex Rose

Victor Buhler

Mark Illis

Efthimis Filippou

Kate Hardie

Alex Oates

Patrick Barlow

Clare Kilner

Brian Ward

Mark Jagasia

Scott Graham

Mike Walden

Damian Harris

Chanya Button

Sarah Swords

Josephine Starte

Paul Farrell


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Annabel Jankel

Jethro Compton

Jerry Rothwell

Andrea Arnold

Sally El Hosaini

NG Bristow

Oliver Cheetham

James Rogan

Tommaso Pitta

Scott Graham

Richie Mehta

Sue Bourne

Will Jewell

Victor Buhler

Jackie Oudney


Thordur Palsson

Maurice Caldera

Clare Kilner

Jonathan Schey