First established as a literary agency in 1896, Sayle Screen has evolved into one of London’s leading and longest standing independent agencies, now representing writers, directors and producers for film, television and theatre. We work alongside Sara Putt Associates the leading UK agency for below-the-line talent.

We have close relationships with the major film and television agents and managers in the U.S.

We also represent dramatic rights in books in conjunction with some of the UK’s foremost book agencies including Greene & Heaton, RCW, and The Sayle Literary Agency.

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ALL THIS MAYHEM opens in cinemas

ALL THIS MAYHEM, a documentary film about skateboarding champions the Pappas Brothers, edited by Chris King, i
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Thursday 7th August

Bruce Goodison's OUR WORLD WAR begins Thursday 7th August at 9pm on BBC3. The series will be repeated on BBC3
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David Joss Buckley

Ronald Searle – Backlist Titles

Scott Graham

Sarah Swords

Shelagh Delaney

Nicki Frei

Clare Kilner

Angela Workman

Stuart Hepburn

Paul Morrison

Victor Buhler

Martin Stellman

Gideon Koppel

Yorgos Lanthimos

Alex Rose

Jon Sen

Toby Hulse

Paul Cornell

Simon Brooke

Tommaso Pitta


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Owen Calvert-Lyons

Scott Graham

Damian Harris

Edward McGown

Jesse Quinones

Josh Appignanesi

Kenny Glenaan

David L. Williams

Christopher Monger

Sally El Hosaini

Jethro Compton

Will Jewell

Bruce Goodison

Dominic Keavey

James Rogan

NG Bristow

Jerry Rothwell

Rachel Mathews

Peter Stanley-Ward

Maurice Caldera